Feminine Pride

The Upskirts perform at Fontana’s in LES

There’s something about seeing young women banging away on drums and guitars that makes me feel like a proud mama.  I’ve never played in a band, blazed the path musically, or had a baby, so the pride is fairly, or likely entirely, unwarranted.  Nonetheless, seeing the Upskirts, an all-female punk band, perform at a gritty little indie club gave my feminist spirit a jolt.  Perhaps I was feeling nostalgic about the all-female rock bands I admired and that, as I was growing up, were rare.  The Go Go’s, the Bangles and then later Elastica were among my favorites because they all had a sense of personal style and didn’t seem to pander to a male audience.  Pandering of any sort is not in the spirit of rock and roll.  They were sexy because seeing women rock out, have fun and get real is sexy.  I think the guys with their eyes glued on the stage that night watching the Upskirts would agree!

4 thoughts on “Feminine Pride

  1. Personally I do not have time for face book. But for a great Spirit like Mich, I would watch anything. Keep having fun. It is finally your time to rock. Blessings my Grand Darling.


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