Pride in Equality

“Equality of opportunity was the founding creed of U.S. society, but equality among all peoples and between the sexes has proved easier to legislate than to achieve in practice. Social or religious inequality is deeply ingrained in some cultures and thus difficult to overcome (see caste).”- I grew up pledging allegiance to the flag of theContinue reading “Pride in Equality”

Coney Island Gems

The Coney Island amusement park is a slice of real life theater sandwiched between a lovely stretch of beach and a somewhat down-trodden neighborhood. When walking along the scenic beach, one must take care not to get cut by broken glass, but then again paying attention is one of the keys to survival and enjoymentContinue reading “Coney Island Gems”

Blue Man Group Feast

I’ve been meaning to see the Blue Man Group for at least ten years.  I’ve been told that it’s a spectacle but really didn’t know quite what to expect other than three bald men with blue make-up.  The element of surprise is part of what makes the show amazing, so I will refrain from givingContinue reading “Blue Man Group Feast”

Ageless Treats

“New York is like a candy store for men” – Anonymous “Economy Candy by jfer21, on Flickr” Economy Candy in the Lower East Side evokes fond memories of youth and treasured candy eating experiences.  I can’t help but smile when I see “old school” treats such as waxed vampire teeth, candy cigarettes, Big League ChewContinue reading “Ageless Treats”

Women on the Front Lines

A couple of years back, I produced a video for the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Family Violence Prevention Fund building in the Presidio in San Francisco.  I felt honored to interview Speaker Nancy Pelosi and host Nicole Kidman backstage and to meet so many commendable men and women dedicated to ending suffering and violenceContinue reading “Women on the Front Lines”

The Beauty of Gritty

I took my first trip to New York in 1997 by myself and the hotel I stayed in was the Chelsea. I stayed there because it was cheap, hip, and it had the whole Sid and Nancy history/punk rock vibe.  The hotel was filled with artists in residency at the time.  I could hear piano playingContinue reading “The Beauty of Gritty”

An Expat X-Mas

Ice rink at Bryant Park The Friday before Christmas, I waltzed into Om Aroma, an organic day spa, that I frequent for eco mani/pedis and monthly massages.  I told TK, the masseuse, that my body felt really good this month.  “Then maybe we’ll do a relaxing massage this time,” he said.  The past five monthsContinue reading “An Expat X-Mas”

Shipwrecked at The Jane

Considering how much real devastation people experienced because of Hurricane Sandy, I feel kind of guilty talking about my own minor challenges, so I’ll keep it brief.  I was in lower Manhattan, lost power, gas, hot water and had to move out of my sublease two days after the storm as the next tenant hadContinue reading “Shipwrecked at The Jane”

Fast Sandwiches

“The life of a sandwich guy ain’t easy,”  the Sandwich Maker said as he took another order at the The Original Sandwich Shoppe.  The customer compassionately agreed, “you are very busy.”  I heard about Toss by walking around the West Village with a broker.  “That one’s a classic,” he said as he pointed at theContinue reading “Fast Sandwiches”

Get a Room…to Dance

Private Eyes / Broadway Dance Center by M N O’Donnell “Matty, your calves need to get a room,” a dancer said to instructor Matt Powell one day before our Advanced Beginner Ballet class at the Broadway Dance Center.  He blushed and stammered a bit, at a loss for words.  He often responds to compliments genuinelyContinue reading “Get a Room…to Dance”