Blue Man Group Feast


I’ve been meaning to see the Blue Man Group for at least ten years.  I’ve been told that it’s a spectacle but really didn’t know quite what to expect other than three bald men with blue make-up.  The element of surprise is part of what makes the show amazing, so I will refrain from giving away too many details. However, I have to say that the creativity, music, and humor were rather awe-inspiring. I also liked that the new technology used in the show was fused with a subtle message to remain connected to humanity.

Paint Drumming

Another big aspect to the BMG show is audience interaction, harmless schadenfreude that I quite enjoy… from a distance. The idea of actually being the center of attention, makes me squirm, so when the Blue Man Group walked around the audience looking for a participant, I pretty much played dead. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw two of them stare at me intently. I held my breath and refused to return the gaze.  They continued walking down the aisle, hunting for another target. Thank God.   Relieved, I sat back to enjoy the show. Before I knew it, they were back and all three BMG members were staring at me intensely. People laughed. I’m not the only one who enjoys watching other audience members being humiliated. One of the Blue Men held out his hand like he was inviting me to dance, while the other two continued the intense stare. I was caught, like a mouse in a viper’s gaze.

I was led on stage for “The Blue Man Group Feast,” a segment that lasted at least fifteen minutes. The gist of the scene was that I ate Twinkies during a romantic dinner with the Blue Man Group as they vied for my attention with presents of flowers, a jelly mold and a “Christina’s World” painting (one of my favorites, actually.)  In one of the many stunts, they put a vest on me and I was so overwhelmed, I barely noticed it until the BMG started “throwing up twinkies” at the dinner table and the “vomit” also started shooting out of my vest! At the end of the feast, I was handed a to-go container that included what looked like mashed up bananas with a twinkie on top.  I tried to leave it at the table as I left the stage, but one of the BMG members made sure that I left with this special memoir.

photo photo

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