Ageless Treats

“New York is like a candy store for men” – Anonymous

Economy Candy
“Economy Candy by jfer21, on Flickr”

Economy Candy in the Lower East Side evokes fond memories of youth and treasured candy eating experiences.  I can’t help but smile when I see “old school” treats such as waxed vampire teeth, candy cigarettes, Big League Chew Gum, jawbreakers and candy necklaces. Seeing candy that I used to eat as a child, puts me in a great mood and makes me forget about the fact that my birthday is around the corner and I’m turning yet another year older. Of course, like Dr. Phil once said in a show about women who get too much plastic surgery, “You’re worried about getting older? Consider the alternative.” Yes, I am lucky to be alive and getting older, especially when I’m surrounded by candy.

Economy Candy!
“Economy Candy! by jackodog, on Flickr”

Some of the things that flew out of my mouth while visiting Economy Candy:

“Oh yeah, I remember jaw breakers.  I can’t believe we used to eat those!”

“Dots were so flavorless and yet, how many dots have I eaten in my life and why?”

“Oh, my God, I always hated Tootsie Rolls but I still had to get to the bottom of that stupid sucker.  I liked the one with the bubble gum better.  I wonder if they have that here.”

So, if getting older is weighing on your nerves, I highly recommend a trip to the candy store!

4 thoughts on “Ageless Treats

  1. You are so sweet already; but I guess it won’t hurt too much. It is my belief that age is a state of mind. If one starts de-aging backward, it is surprising how great you feel and look younger also.
    Hard to believe; but try it, wholeheartedly, and see what happens.


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