Fast Sandwiches

“The life of a sandwich guy ain’t easy,”  the Sandwich Maker said as he took another order at the The Original Sandwich Shoppe.  The customer compassionately agreed, “you are very busy.”  I heard about Toss by walking around the West Village with a broker.  “That one’s a classic,” he said as he pointed at the restaurant,  “some of the best sandwiches in New York city.”


photo by Craige Moore

The Sandwich Maker called everyone “Sir” or “Miss” even if they bombarded him with specific requests or constant changes to their orders.  He sometimes got frustrated with himself for not getting the sandwich out the door fast enough (mine was ready in less than 3 minutes).  He was training a thin young man, who looked slightly overwhelmed and nervous.  “You’re doin’ alright, but ya gotta be faster,” he said.

The woman at the front counter seemed to add to his pain.  “what about the BLT?” she asked, “is it to go or for here?.” “It’s…  It’s”.  “And what’s that sandwich there?” she said pointing to a sandwich that had been sitting on the counter for 15 seconds.  He turned to his trainee.  “Tell her what that is, please.  I can’t… I just can’t” he said as he fulfilled another order.  Another customer walked in the door.  “How are ya?” the Sandwich Maker asked, “I haven’t seen you in a while.”  “It’s been two weeks,” the customer responded with a smile.  “Good to see ya.  What can I get you today?” he inquired, with the ease of someone who had all day to chat.

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