Roommate Show & Tell

puppet show & tell

photo by judibird

Finding an apartment, let alone a roommate, in New York city can be a theatrical and frightening experience.  Take it from this friendly New Yorker who entered what he hoped would be the roommate situation of his dreams, only to discover that every wall in the apartment was covered in… puppets, “ranging from vaudeville-esque carnival types to furry animal muppet types. They were old, young, multi-cultural to other-worldly, but they each had their own distinct personalities and all seemed to be staring at me as I tried to be diplomatic.”  As he struggled for what to say, the main thread running through his mind was, “I needed to get out of this alive. I was also struck by what a contrast these dolls were to this pseudo-leather daddy who owned them.”

There were many red flags, like the fact that the Potential Roommate “casually mentioned that he liked to walk around naked at night. He also playfully mentioned that “Mickey” could be seen scurrying around from time to time. (He had mice.)”  Speaking of mice, he was also warned that if he left any chocolate in the fridge, he couldn’t expect to find it there the next day.  “He also seemed deeply disturbed that I don’t drink!” (even though the Potential Roommate was in “recovery.”)

So, how did he get out of there alive and with diplomacy?  “I just said that I was considering living with my brother instead.”  Our friendly New Yorker (who wishes to remain anonymous- “I don’t need puppet drama”) has since found a great roommate and apartment.  His advice, “If it doesn’t feel right, DO NOT PROCEED!”

Another little tip he passed along was speedroommating, which is like Speed Dating but instead of looking for a date, you’re looking for a roommate.  “You spend a night, walking around staring at the stickers on strangers chests hoping they’re selling what you want or want what you have.”

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