Sex In the City Cupcakes

“Where do the Sex In the City girls eat their cupcakes?” a young woman with an Italian accent asks me as I exit my building, carrying a heavy bag of dirty laundry.  A group of five other tourists look at me, expectantly.  “Just up the street on the right,” I say, “you’re almost there.”  I want to tell her that I was going to Magnolia Bakery before it appeared on the Sex In the City show, but I am positive that I would be met with a blank stare.  


The show ended eight years ago, but you wouldn’t know it by the swarms of tourists who have Sex In the City on the mind and the tongue at Magnolia.  They also make their way to Perry street, where “Carrie Bradshaw” lived.  


I walk down Perry street every opportunity I have- not because of Sex In the City or all the famous people who have lived there, but because it’s so lovely.  Perry street is a peaceful, tree-lined street, with beautifully preserved brownstones- it’s like being alive in the 1800’s only better because I have the right to vote and don’t have to wear a corset.  In fact, whenever I get around to making my vision board, a picture of a Perry street brownstone will be front and center.  


As much as I would enjoy having a cup of coffee in one hand and a Magnolia cupcake in the other as I sit on one of those stoops, I wouldn’t dare.  One homeowner even has a “no trespassing” sign attached to a little chain on her stoop.  I saw her once, unhooking the chain, allowing herself to enter the stoop and then re-hooking the chain.  When (I can’t say “if” or my Mom will be upset with me) I live on Perry street, I will sit on my stoop every chance I get and the tourists will be welcomed to sit there too– if they buy me a cupcake from Magnolia.


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